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2012 - School of Architecture, Post-Graduation studies (Escola da Cidade – Arquitectura e Urbanismo, São Paulo, Brazil)

2011 - Dipl. Arch. AAM / Master of Science in Architecture
2008 - School of Architecture (AAM Accademina di Architettura Mendrisio, USI – Università Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland)

2006 - School of Architecture (ETSAV Barcelona, UPC - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain)


2022-today - He founded Atelier Pep Pons

2012-2021 - with Matteo Arnone directed Atelier Branco

2011-2012 - Christian Kerez Architekt ETH/SIA, Zürich -

2009-10 - Aires Mateus & Associados, Lisbon -


2019 September - Atelier Branco and the client João Carlos have been awarded with the Dedalo Minosse International Prize for Commissioning a Building - OCCAM Under 40 with the project Casa Biblioteca.
2018 October - Atelier Branco has been awarded Medaglia d’Oro (Golden Medal) – Premio T Young Claudio De Albertis – by the Triennale di Milano with the project Casa Biblioteca.


2021     ´Venice Architecture Biennale´ 17th International Architecture Exhibition, Belgian Pavillion, Composite Presence, Italy - Participation: Atelier Branco Arquitetura. Organization: Bovenbouw Architectuur

2019     ‘Dedalo Minosse’, Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza, Italy - Participation: Atelier Branco Arquitetura. 

Organization: Dedalo Minosse, Itália.


2018     ‘Medaglia d’Oro’, Milano, Italy. - Participation: Atelier Branco Arquitetura. 

Organization: Triennale di Milano, Itália.


2018     ‘Building Stories’, Garagem Sul do CCB Lisboa, Portugal. - Participation: Atelier Branco Arquitetura. 

Organization: Rodrigo da Costa Lima e Amélia Brandão Costa – CCB Lisboa.


2015     ‘Migrant Garden’, Piacenza, Italy. Participation: Atelier Branco Arquitetura. 

Organization: Migrant Garden – Politecnico di Milano, Itália.


2013     ‘Romanimale’, Rome, Italy. Participation: Atelier Branco Arquitetura. 

Organization: Giovanni Romagnoli – Comune di Roma, Regione Lazio.


2021 January. ´CASABELLA 917’, ITALIA. XS Modi del piacevole, dell’utile, del superfluo. Pag 48-63.

2020 July-August. ´DWELL’, US. Pushing the Edge. Pag 80-85.

2020 July. ´MASDECO 896’, Chile  (Front Cover). Casa Biblioteca. Pag 24-31.

2020 June. ‘WALLPAPER 255’, UK. 2020 Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory. Pag 131-141.

2019 December. ´ATTITUDE nº 90’. Journey, Portugal. Casa-bússola. Pag 168 - 175.

2019 November. ´ENKI’. Building a lifestyle, Great Britain (Front Cover). Wrappes in the Forest. Pag 94-104.

2019 Fall ´C3 nº 402. Houses, the Art of Living´, Korea. Casa Biblioteca. Pag 136 - 151.

2019 June ‘LABEL’, Poland. W Domu Filozofa. Text: Magda Swic. Pag 136 – 145. 

2018 November ‘DOMUS’, Itália. Premio T Young Claudio De Albertis. Pag Dodici. 

2018 September ‘PIÈRA nº8’, Itália. Abitare Oggi. Text: Paolo Panetto. Pag 106 – 119. 

2018 Spring ‘GA HOUSES 158’, Japan (Front Cover). Atelier Branco, Library House, Vinhedo, Brazil. Photos: Yoshio Futagawa. Pag 08 – 23. 

2018 Fevereiro ‘CASABELLA 882’, Itália. Atelier Branco, Casa Biblioteca, Vinhedo, Brasile. Text: Fabrizio Ballabio. Pag 55 – 63. 

2017 Outuno ‘KAZA 161’, Brasil (Front Cover). Casa Biblioteca, Entre páginas e folhagens. Pag 92 – 97.

KEREZ, Christian. ‘Nuovo Quartiere di Abitazione’. Abitare-524, 07-08.2012.

PONS MIQUEL, Josep. Diploma 2011, High Street London. Mendrisio: Mendrisio Academy Press, 2011, 432p. ISBN978-88-876-24-533.

PONS MIQUEL, Josep. 7 works. Liboa: Own Publication, 2010.

Atelier Branco has been published in different international and Brazilian online magazines and blogs, highlighted: Dezeen, Archdaily, Wallpaper, Divisare, Dwell and many others.


Email -

Instagram - @pep_pons

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